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Interview with Claudio Catani, Vice President Operations of the FH55 Hotels Group 1
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Interview with Claudio Catani, Vice President Operations of the FH55 Hotels Group

Since April 2023 Claudio Catani has been at the top of the FH55 HOTELS Group which, for over 60 years, has been run by the Innocenti family.
Thanks to his experience and skills, our Vice President Operations is overseeing the growth and repositioning of the Group. The first goal was reached in just a few months: the inclusion of the Grand Hotel Palatino among the Top10 in Rome according to the Condé Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards 2023, the award based on the decisions of the most demanding readers from across the world.

Mr. Catani, what was your first experience in luxury hotels?

“Ever since I was a child, I had the opportunity to experience the world of luxury hotels close up because my father worked as Head Concierge at the Excelsior in Florence. That environment, with its elegance, relaxing music and ability to handle relationships with high-profile guests, inspired me and nurtured my passion for the sector. I decided that I wanted to become part of this world and would do anything to achieve it. My technical and managerial training, combined with my on-hands experience, helped prepare me.”

After having been hugely successful, both nationally and internationally, in April 2023 you became Vice President at the FH55 HOTELS Group. How did you end up at this company?

“I already knew the people leading this Group and I was intrigued by their entrepreneurial history, their dedication to their companies and their continuous drive for improvement. I also share the FH55 Hotels corporate vision: ‘To be the Home Away from Home for our Employees and our Guests.’”

What are the strengths of the hotels in the FH55 HOTELS Group?

“Firstly, our hotels are in unique locations and they offer outstanding anticipatory services and facilities that go way beyond the expectations of our guests, both nationally and internationally. We place great emphasis on food service and in enhancing the geographic characteristics of our facilities.”

Based on your wealth of experience in the luxury hotel sector, what expectations do guests have?

“We believe that the basis for everything we do has to be the guest’s well-being, beginning with their room and creating a comfortable environment. Furthermore, each one of our hotels has to offer an incredible culinary experience in every aspect, from breakfast to the minibar. And finally, we believe in the importance of exceptional anticipatory services and a range of small surprises that contribute to building guest loyalty.”

What characteristics do you look for in the people who work with you?

“I appreciate people who are confident in themselves, who can work in a team and who can defend their ideas after an in-depth analysis but who are also ready to collaborate and align with the team. Diversity of opinion and orientation towards the success of the operation are essential.”

What will the restyling of the Grand Hotel Palatino in Rome involve?

 “Once the renovation is done, the hotel will have a reduced capacity, going from 198 rooms to 157. And it will move into the luxury segment with a 5-star classification. These are, in the very short term, the Group’s goals and are the reasons why I was called and why I accepted this new challenge so enthusiastically.” 

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