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Pet friendly hotel in Fiesole

Small and medium domestic pets are welcome at The Villa Fiesole Hotel at no extra charge, as is a practical pet-set provided to help care for your small friend.

The countryside surrounding the Villa is perfect for taking long, pleasant walks with your pet, who will be able to move about freely.

We inform our Guest that:

  •  pets are welcome inside the Hotel and the restaurant, as long as they are on a leash
  •  for safety reason the room will not be cleaned if your pet is left unsupervised whilst inside
  •  the Hotel cannot be held responsible for the loss of your pet should the cleaning staff leave the room door open

We kindly ask our Guests to:

  •  not leave their pets unsupervised inside the room
  •  respect the tranquillity of the Hotel
  •  always keep their pets on a leash in public areas
  •  not use the Hotel's bed-linen or towels for their pet's care
  •  inform the reception-staff of any specific needs

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